Dubai Property Investment 2022 | Tips

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Looking to invest in Dubai property? Palladium Group provides a variety of options which includes flats and villas with high investment potential.

Property purchase processes for foreigners are not only simple in Dubai compared to other countries but are also considered to be reasonable investments with high returns (Learn more: Top Dubai Areas With High ROI in 2022). This makes Dubai an appealing prospect for investors from all over the world. 

Tax-heaven policy, a convenient location, modern infrastructure, a low crime rate, and a cosmopolitan environment are just a few of the numerous advantages that have contributed to UAE’s housing boom.

But before considering an investment in Dubai property,  we must examine a few crucial criteria.

Reason & Financial Health

Determine the reason for purchasing property and your financial state before you begin viewing properties. You can afford a property when you have between 30-50% of the total investment amount. The rest can be mortgaged, but make sure you are pre-approved before going on the lookout. There are also several investments available with attractive payment plans (some even up to 5 years post-handover), but each of these options should individually be calculated. 

You must as well decide whether you want to buy a home for yourself or as an investment, as this will have a significant impact on the type of property you consider buying.

Timing & Location

When mortgage interest rates are low and there is an oversupply, buyers and investors will be able to haggle on pricing. So keep a watch on market circumstances and prices.

  • Under developed locations

If you have planned to move to Dubai in 5-10 years, the best option is to invest in some location that will have greater value in the future.

  • Developed Locations in Dubai

If you are looking for a huge investment opportunity. The developed location is preferable. However, make sure you have some decent investment in your hand all the time before investing in such locations.

Project Developer & Warranty

You must make sure that a well-reputed developer must build the house. There are several professional project developers in Dubai. The best suggestion is to perform comprehensive research and check past performance. 

Be aware that in case of any structural damage, the developer will be liable for a maximum period of 10 years from the date of completion. After that, the house owner will be responsible for any kind of repair work.

Consult An Authorized Representative

Do your market research with a respectable licensed company like Palladium Group to enlist years of market expertise. Considering your individual demands, our experts will provide all the best real estate solutions, supplied to the Palladium Group by over 30 developers in Dubai.

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