Choosing the Location for a Business Setup in Dubai

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Palladium Group is here to help you set up a new business in Dubai, but what is also important, we will consider your perfect business location. In essence, the location you choose can make or break your business since it impacts your company’s net income and profitability. To identify the right location, you should weigh up the pros and cons of different regions.

Throughout our experience in assessing clients' specific requirements and the market environment for company formations in general, we will lead you through the main questions so you could make the right choice. 

Fundamental choice

Foreign investors and ex-pats have two primary options for setting up a company in the UAE. If you are looking to conduct business inside Emirati territory, you would need to set up your company on Mainland. There are also numerous free economic zones, known as Free Zones, with a variety of unique opportunities for your business. Most of the time they are considered the best choice as they have easy-to-understand rules and diverse business solutions and services designed to support entrepreneurs. There are some limited offshore options available, but the most predominant types are Mainland and Free Zones. 

Budget and cost considerations

Consider the setup cost, rental cost, and minimum capital required to start your company in the region. Depending on your budget, you can choose to set up your business on the mainland or in a free zone. If you need an office, you will narrow down the Free Zone choices with the activities you can have. Also, note that some Free Zones will require an office space as part of your company license, and not every Free Zone has the same set of amenities. If you need warehouse space and optimal logistics, there will be some Free Zones that are better suited for your needs. 

It is also important to know the income and sales taxes that vary from emirate to emirate, as well as other location-explicit expenses, such as the expense of grants and vehicle permits.

Possibilities for growth 

The location must provide the best possibilities for the growth and expansion of your business. It means you must examine the level of local competition and make sure you have enough space for your firm’s development. Too many competitors selling the same product may hinder you from creating a large customer base. 

Your office location should be highly accessible from all points so that your customers and suppliers can reach out to you quickly and conveniently. Generally speaking, the area should have a modern and technologically advanced infrastructure to support all your business activities.

Reliable partners 

The next best course of action is to speak to local experts to find out about the best offers, up-and-coming commercial areas, and general market conditions.

Palladium Group has some of the best expertise in setting up and continuing business in Dubai. You can reach us for clarifications, guidance, and support for setting up companies in Mainland or Free Zone jurisdiction. We are always ready to help our clients with the utmost honesty and responsiveness. 

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